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The Online Service History (OSH) system has been introduced to completely replace the stamping of ‘Service Record’ pages in owner literature. A vehicle’s service history is now stored on a centralised system, which can be accessed and amended by a retailer/authorised repairer via the internet.

The OSH records every scheduled service event, and includes all those items that need to be inspected, or replaced, over extended periods.

Keeping to the recommended service intervals is important to help protect the on-going validity of the manufacturer’s warranty. An up-to-date OSH provides the necessary proof of service should any warranty work be required.

After each scheduled and extended service visit, the retailer/authorised repairer updates the OSH for the vehicle. A printed copy of the complete record is also provided as proof that the required service has been performed.

As the OSH is securely stored for the life of the vehicle, it can be viewed online, at anytime. The OSH helps to enhance the vehicle’s resale value and each subsequent owner will be able to obtain a service history they can trust. Any retailer/authorised repairer can produce an up-to-date OSH printout for the vehicle. The printout also contains details of how to register and view the vehicle's OSH.

For any questions regarding the OSH system, please contact a retailer/authorised repairer or the Jaguar distributor for the market. The distributor may also be contacted through the Jaguar internet site.


OSH is not available in all markets. For these markets a Service Record publication is provided. See SERVICE RECORD.