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Do not adjust the touchscreen controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, potentially causing serious injury or death.


Sustained exposure to high sound levels, greater than 85 decibels, can damage hearing.


When the vehicle is moving the video picture is automatically inhibited. See VIDEO MEDIA INHIBIT WITH VEHICLE MOVING

From the SELECT SOURCE screen, select the media source. See MEDIA CONTROLS.

  1. Options: Touch to access Zoom In/Out, Audio, Angle, and Subtitle options.


    The options displayed are dependent on the inserted DVD options.

  2. DVD Titles: Touch to display a list of DVD titles.

  3. DVD Menu: Touch to access the DVD menu.

    Top Menu: Only displayed if supported by the DVD.

    Resume: Touch to resume play.

    Menu navigation keys: Touch to move up or down through the menu options.


    The DVD menu can also be selected by touching the screen in full screen mode.

  4. Source: Touch to display all media options.

  5. DVD information: Touch to select full screen mode. Touch the screen again to view the controls at any time. Alternatively, swipe the touchscreen to search for the previous or next chapter.

  6. Interactive time progress bar: Touch or drag to move forward or backward through the current DVD.

  7. DVD shortcut: Touch to view the DVD screen.

  8. Seek up: Touch and release to view the next DVD chapter. Touch and hold to fast forward.

  9. Pause or play: Touch to pause playback. Touch again to resume playback.

  10. Seek down: Touch and release to view the previous DVD chapter. Touch and hold to rewind.

  11. Settings icon: Touch to access the SETTINGS pop-up menu. Select All Settings. Select Features. Select Media to activate or deactivate the feature: Auto Play DVD on Loading feature.

The media controls are operated via the media system. See MEDIA CONTROLS, or the steering wheel. See AUDIO STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS. Information of the CD/DVD loading slot and eject button can be found in the relevant section of the Owner's Handbook. See LOADING DISCS.