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  1. Power button: Press to switch the headphones on or off.

  2. Channel button: Press to change the media channel.

  3. Volume control: Rotate to adjust the headphone volume.

  4. The status LED indicator lamp:

    When a signal is being received, the lamp illuminates continuously.

    When a signal is not being received, the lamp flashes.

    When the battery power is low, the lamp flashes and then extinguishes after a short delay.

  5. The battery access cover's securing screw.

  6. The battery access cover.

When the battery power is low, the headphones emit a beeping sound every 90 seconds.

To replace the batteries, use the following procedure:

  1. Remove the battery access cover's securing screw (5).

  2. Pull the battery access cover (6) away from the headphones.

  3. Remove the used batteries.

  4. Fit the new AAA batteries.


    Make sure that the polarity of the batteries matches that shown inside the headphone's battery compartment.

  5. Replace the battery access cover and fit the battery access cover retaining screw.


    The headphones do not operate if the batteries are fitted incorrectly.


    Under normal usage, the expected battery life is six months.


    Always use good quality batteries of the same type.

Used batteries must be disposed of correctly, as they contain harmful substances. Seek advice on battery disposal from a retailer/authorised repairer and/or the local authority.