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Real time traffic provides significantly greater amounts of detail, across a far greater road coverage than conventional broadcast-based traffic information systems. Real time traffic makes it easier to plan routes either manually or automatically. The system utilises live feeds and historical traffic patterns to continuously update traffic information, and enhance the calculation of the selected route.


Historical and internet traffic information are not available in all markets.

Roads are displayed as colour coded, in order of traffic flow. The colour codes are:

  • Red: Very heavy or stationary traffic.

  • Yellow: Heavy traffic.

  • Green: Free-flowing traffic.

  • Black: Closed road.

Real time traffic can be displayed with a route selected or with no route selected.

A traffic-enabled route can be selected. A traffic-enabled route displays improved and updated routes to the destination, avoiding traffic congestion and delays. An option can also be enabled to possibly find a route to the destination, avoiding an alerted incident or traffic flow issues.


A live internet connection is required to receive updated traffic information during the journey.