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A commute is a journey with a common start point, a common end point, and at a regular time of day. When My Commute is enabled, the navigation system is designed to recognise a commute.

The following conditions must be met for the commute to be automatically learned:

  • The start point must be consistent.

  • The start time must be within one hour of the current time.

  • The end point must be consistent.

All of the alternative routes that you have used on the same commute are grouped and stored.

Commute mode shows a highlighted route on the map and uses the learned routes, combined with live traffic information, to calculate the fastest of the previously used routes.

If more than one commute is available, the alternative commutes are available for selection.


Commute mode shows a map on the touch screen, but does not give voice guidance.


My Commute can be enabled and disabled in the NAVIGATION SETTINGS menu. See SETTINGS.