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Some vehicles are supplied with the rain/ice/snow driving mode instead of the Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) driving mode. See RAIN/ICE/SNOW.

The AdSR driving mode detects different surfaces and helps to enhance the vehicle's stability for both low and medium grip surfaces.

The selection of the AdSR driving mode is recommended when driving in adverse weather conditions. For example, in icy or rainy conditions and on surfaces such as grass, gravel, or snow.

The AdSR driving mode helps the vehicle to perform in a gentle and controlled manner, helping to avoid skidding and improve progress in adverse conditions.


The AdSR driving mode remains selected indefinitely, even after the ignition is switched off. The AdSR driving mode must be deselected, if no longer required.

Low friction launch helps to further enhance low speed manoeuvring and pulling away from a standstill in adverse conditions. See LOW FRICTION LAUNCH.

Winter tyres and all-season tyres also help to further enhance the vehicle's stability in adverse weather conditions. See USING WINTER TYRES.