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The Intelligent stop/start system is designed to improve fuel efficiency and is automatically activated when the vehicle's ignition is switched on. Unless it is required to support other vehicle systems, the engine switches off if the vehicle is stopped, for example, at traffic lights. When the brake pedal is released and a drive gear is selected, the engine restarts automatically.


Always disable the Intelligent stop/start system before wading. Failure to do so could cause damage to the vehicle.

During operation of the Intelligent stop/start system, a warning lamp illuminates. See AUTO STOP/START (GREEN).

To activate an automatic engine stop, stop the vehicle from a speed greater than 4 km/h (2.5 mph). Apply sufficient brake pressure to make sure the vehicle is stationary. For vehicles with a manual transmission, neutral must be selected, and the clutch pedal fully released.

To activate an automatic engine restart on vehicles with an automatic transmission, release the brake pedal with Drive (D) or Sport (S) selected. For manual transmissions, the engine restarts when the clutch pedal is fully pressed, before selecting a gear.

The engine also restarts if one of the following occurs:

  • Intelligent stop/start is deactivated.

  • The accelerator pedal is pressed (automatic transmission only).

  • An automatic transmission shift paddle is used to select a gear.

  • Reverse (R) gear is selected.

  • Demand from the Climate control system increases.

  • The vehicle's speed exceeds approximately 1 km/h (0.5 mph).

  • The vehicle's battery charge becomes low.

The following conditions prevent an automatic engine stop:

  • An automatic transmission shift paddle has been used to select a gear.

  • The external temperature is less than approximately 0°C.

  • The external temperature is more than approximately 40°C.

  • The engine has not reached its operating temperature.

  • The driver's seat belt is not fastened.

  • Demand from the Climate control system requires the engine to be running, for example, when in Defrost mode.

  • The vehicle's battery charge is low.

  • Intelligent stop/start is deactivated.