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Only attach approved electrical connectors, which are in good condition, to the trailer socket.

The detachable tow ball's trailer socket should be manually deployed (2) and stowed (1), as illustrated.

The powered tow ball's trailer socket deploys and stows automatically with the powered tow ball.

When a trailer's electrical connection is made, the instrument panel's trailer warning indicator flashes, when the vehicle's direction indicators are operated. If the trailer warning indicator does not flash, check the trailer's electrical connection. Also check the operation of the trailer's direction indicators. See TRAILER DIRECTION INDICATORS (GREEN).

The following information confirms if a trailer, or an LED lighting board, is compatible for use with this vehicle. If these conditions are not met, the vehicle will not detect the electrical connection of a trailer, or an LED lighting board.

Function Minimum load Maximum load
Amps Watts Amps Watts
Brake lamps 0.25 0.25 10 120
Direction indicators* 0.25 0.25 5* 60*
Side markers/rear lamps* - - 5* 60*
Reverse lamps - - 5 60
Fog lamp - - 5 60
Permanent battery feed - - 15 180
Ignition feed - - 15 180

*For each side.