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  1. Glovebox: Pull the release handle to open. The glovebox can be locked or unlocked using the emergency key blade, mounted in the vehicle's smart key. See UNLOCKING THE VEHICLE.

  2. Front cup holders.


    Do not drink or use the cup holders when driving.

  3. Cubby box: Push and hold the release button. Lift the lid to open the cubby box lid. To close, lower the lid and lightly press to engage the catch.

  4. Rear cup holders: Pull the tag at the top of the stored rear seat's armrest and lower.

  5. Front door storage.

  6. Front seat map pockets.

  7. Rear door storage.


Make sure that any items stored in the vehicle are secure and cannot move. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, subject to sudden braking or a change of direction, loose items can cause serious injury.