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  1. Brake/clutch fluid reservoir. Located beneath the driver’s side under bonnet cover. See UNDER-BONNET COVERS REMOVAL.

  2. Engine oil level dipstick (2.0L diesel).

  3. Engine coolant reservoir filler cap.

  4. Engine oil filler cap (3.0L petrol).

  5. Engine oil level dipstick (2.0L petrol).

  6. Engine oil filler cap (2.0L diesel).

  7. Engine oil filler cap (2.0L petrol).

  8. Washer fluid reservoir filler cap.


While working in the engine compartment, always observe the safety precautions. See SAFETY IN THE GARAGE.


Do not start the engine, or drive the vehicle, if there is a possibility that any leaked fluid will come into contact with a hot surface, such as the exhaust. Seek qualified assistance immediately.

The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) reservoir filler cap is located in the luggage compartment, on the left side. See DIESEL EXHAUST FLUID (DEF).


When removing the DEF reservoir filler cap, a socket drive can be used for added leverage, if it is too tight. Hand tighten only, when refitting.