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Never double lock the vehicle with people, children, or pets inside. In the event of an emergency, occupants would be unable to operate the doors and the emergency services would be unable to release any occupants quickly.

Double locking secures the vehicle and prevents the doors from being unlocked or opened from inside or outside the vehicle.

Double locking provides extra security if the vehicle is left unattended. The vehicle cannot be opened by breaking a window and operating the doors from inside. Additionally, double locking arms the full alarm system.

Press the lock button on the smart key twice within 3 seconds to double lock the vehicle and arm the full alarm system. The hazard warning lights flash twice to confirm. If enabled, a double lock tone sounds.


In the double locked state, an open glass area may cause the alarm to sound, due to the movement of air. Make sure that all glass areas are fully closed before double locking the vehicle.

Once the full alarm system is armed, the alarm system activates if:

  • The tailgate/taildoor/boot, a door, or the bonnet is opened.

  • Movement is detected within the vehicle's interior, including air currents.

  • The vehicle is raised or tilted, if a tilt sensor is fitted.