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To unlock the vehicle and disarm the alarm system, press the smart key's unlock button. The vehicle unlocks in one of two ways:

  1. Single-point entry: Unlocks the driver's door only. A second press is required to unlock the remaining doors and the boot.

  2. Multi-point entry: Unlocks all of the doors and the boot on the first press.

To change from single- to multi-point entry, or vice versa, on the smart key, press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. The hazard warning lights flash twice to confirm the change.

Single- and multi-point entry may also be set via the Vehicle settings menu. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.


If an audible warning is emitted when the vehicle is unlocked, there may be a fault with the alarm sensors. Consult a retailer/authorised repairer as soon as possible.