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The ECO driving mode coordinates the vehicle's control systems to help deliver a more conservative driving performance, to help achieve better fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions.

While ECO driving mode is selected, the system's status will be displayed in the Message centre. See CUADRO DE INSTRUMENTOS.

Selecting ECO driving mode will alter some of the:

  • Vehicle settings:

    Automatic transmission gear changes.

    Accelerator pedal response.

  • Heating and ventilation settings:

    Heated seats will be switched off. See ASIENTOS TÉRMICOS.

    Climate Seats will be switched off. See ASIENTOS CON CLIMATIZACIÓN.

    Climate settings menu (dependent on previous selections) . See AJUSTES DE LA CLIMATIZACIÓN. Auto heated screens will be turned off. Auto power will be altered from High or Medium and set to Low.


    If required, the driver can override these changes by normal operation of each feature or menu setting.


    When an alternative driving mode is selected, the heating and ventilation feature/menu settings will maintain any recent changes, or will return to the previous settings, if no recent changes were made.

The Eco data system is another vehicle feature, designed to help achieve better fuel economy by providing current driving style data and ECO driving tips. The Eco data menu can be accessed via the Extra features menu in the Touch screen. See PRESTACIONES ADICIONALES.


The Eco data system will only begin recording data after the vehicle has travelled at least 1 km (0.6 miles).


The Eco data system only monitors driver inputs. Any automatic inputs from the vehicle, for example, accelerator pedal and brake pedal force applied by the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system will not be measured. Data not being measured and recorded will be greyed-out in the Message centre.