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To view the Audio settings menu, select Audio from the General settings menu.

Audio settings contains the following options:

  • Traffic Announcement: Switch on/off.

  • Sound: Select to view the following options:



    Speed dependent volume.

  • Radio: These setting options are dependent on the radio source selected. See MANDOS DE LA RADIO AM/FM or MANDOS DE LA RADIO DAB.

To adjust the balance and fade settings, touch Balance/Fade.

Touch the arrow soft keys (1) to move the sound focal point to the desired area of the vehicle. Alternatively, touch the sound focal point (2) and 'drag' it to the required position. To return to the default setting, touch the sound focal point (2).

  1. Touch the symbol to move from the Bass/Mid/Treble screen to the Balance/Fade screen.

  2. Touch the symbol to move from the Balance/Fade screen to the Bass/Mid/Treble screen.