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InControl Apps allows you to operate a number of smartphone Apps through the vehicle’s Touch screen.

Before using InControl Apps, you will need to download the InControl Apps Smartphone App. For Apple’s iPhone®, this can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

For Android phones, this can be downloaded from Google play.


Not all smartphones are compatible with InControl Apps. Check the list of compatible smartphones and supported Apps in the InControl section of www.jaguar.com.

To initiate InControl Apps, connect your smartphone's USB cable to the vehicle's USB socket, located in the centre console cubby box. See CONEXIÓN DE UN DISPOSITIVO MULTIMEDIA.

Once connected, any available Apps will appear on the vehicle’s Touch screen. You can now open and operate those Apps using the Touch screen in the same way as your smartphone.

Download the InControl Remote Premium Smartphone App, and the InControl Remote Essentials Smartphone App.


The availability and functionality of the InControl Apps will depend on the specification of the vehicle and the market in which the vehicle is used.


Smartphone Apps is not suitable for use while driving, for example, gaming Apps will not appear on the Touch screen while the vehicle is moving.


To establish a connection to the vehicle, the smartphone must be connected to the USB socket and the Touch screen Home menu displayed.


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