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InControl uses smartphone and in-vehicle mobile technology, to remotely connect the vehicle to a number of services and convenience features.


For further information, access the www.jaguar.com website. In the search box, type in, getting started using incontrol. Select the first link displayed.

InControl has 5 main features::
  • InControl Protect.

  • InControl Remote Premium.

  • InControl Secure.

  • InControl Wi-Fi.

  • InControl Apps.

For InControl Protect, Remote Premium, and InControl Secure, an InControl account must be created. If your Dealer has not pre-registered your account, or if you are not the first owner of the vehicle, then you will need to visit: www.jaguarincontrol.com/owner to create an account. Once the InControl account has been created, follow the on-screen instructions to connect the InControl account to the vehicle and to activate the services on the vehicle.


100% mobile network connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations.


It is the account owner’s responsibility to remove the vehicle from their InControl account when ownership of the vehicle is transferred.