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In certain conditions, such as a steep downhill gradient, the vehicle's speed may exceed the set speed limit. This is because engine braking is unable to maintain or reduce the vehicle's speed.

  1. LIM: Press to switch between the Cruise control and ASL systems. These systems cannot be used simultaneously. The ASL warning lamp will illuminate when ASL is active. See AUTOMATIC SPEED LIMITER (ASL) (AMBER).


    When the vehicle's ignition is switched on, the previous state, either Cruise control or ASL, will automatically be recalled and activated. The set speed will not be recalled.


    ASL only operates at speeds between 30 km/h (18 mph) and 240 km/h (150 mph). However, the speed limit can be set while the vehicle is stationary.

  2. SET+: Press to set or increase the speed limit. The set speed limit will be displayed in the Message centre.

    When a speed has been set, the engine will respond normally, up to the set speed. Further accelerator pressure will not increase the speed beyond the set speed unless sudden, rapid acceleration (kickdown) is applied. If kickdown is initiated, ASL will be suspended.

  3. RES: Press to resume ASL assistance. ASL will only resume if the vehicle's speed is less than the set speed and greater than 30 km/h (18 mph). If these criteria are not met, a message will be displayed in the Message centre.

  4. Press (-) to decrease the speed limit. The set speed limit will be displayed in the Message centre.

  5. CAN: Press to suspend ASL assistance. ASL can also be temporarily suspended by applying sudden, rapid acceleration (kickdown).