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Every time a child travels in the vehicle, observe the following:

  • Use appropriate child restraints.

  • Carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the restraint system.

  • Adjust the harnesses for every child on every journey.

  • Make sure that all slack is removed from the adult seat belt.

  • Always attach the top tether when installing an ISOFIX/i-Size seat (If applicable to seat type).

  • Always check the security of the child restraint.

  • Do not dress a child in bulky clothing, or place any objects/padding between the child and the restraint.

  • Regularly check the fit and condition of child restraints. If the fit is poor, or wear/damage is visible, replace the restraint immediately.

  • Set a good example - always wear your seat belt.

  • For child seats fitted with a support leg, adjust the leg so that it rests firmly on the floor.

  • For some child seats it may be necessary to remove the head restraint to make sure of a stable fit. Always refit a removed head restraint after the child seat is removed.


Child restraint anchorages are designed to withstand only those loads imposed by correctly fitted child restraints. Under no circumstances are they to be used for adult seat belts, harnesses or for attaching other items or equipment to the vehicle.