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The airbag warning lamp is mounted in the Instrument panel and will illuminate as a bulb check when the ignition is switched on. See AIRBAG (ÁMBAR).


The warning lamp indicates a potential fault with the vehicle restraint system which could result in serious injury or death in the event of a severe accident.


If the warning lamp indicates that a fault is present in the system, do not use a child restraint on the front passenger seat.

If any of the following warning lamp conditions occur, the vehicle should be checked by your Dealer/Authorised repairer immediately:

  • The warning lamp fails to illuminate when the START/STOP button is initially switched on.

  • The warning lamp fails to extinguish within 6 seconds of the START/STOP button being switched on.

  • The warning lamp illuminates at any time, other than during the bulb check.

When the ignition is switched on, a diagnostic control unit monitors the readiness of the system's electrical circuits. The elements of the Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) components include:

  • SRS warning indicator.

  • Rotary coupler.

  • Airbag modules.

  • Front and second row outboard seat belt pre-tensioners.

  • Airbag diagnostic control unit.

  • Crash sensors.

  • Airbag wiring harnesses.

  • Front seat buckle switches.

  • Front seat track position sensor.

  • Airbag status indicator.