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For assistance when parking, select Parallel park or Perpendicular park.

As the vehicle is driven forwards, the size of a potential parking space is assessed.


For Park assist to search effectively, maintain a distance of 0.5 m to 1.5 m (1.6 ft to 4.9 ft) between the vehicle and the row of parked vehicles/obstacles between which you wish to park.


When first activated, Park assist searches for a space on the passenger side of the vehicle. To search for a space on the driver’s side, signal a turn in that direction (using the direction indicator).


The Park assist auto-searching feature becomes active when the vehicle's speed is less than 30 km/h (18 mph). When Park assist is activated, a previous space may already have been located. To obtain a previous space on the other side, signal a turn in that direction.

When a suitable space is found, a short confirmation tone is given and a message is displayed in the Message centre.


If Park assist senses that other vehicles are too close on either side to perform a parking manoeuvre, a space will be rejected, even if it is large enough for the vehicle. The driver retains the option to switch Park assist off and attempt the manoeuvre manually.

For assistance in exiting a parking space, select Parking exit.

For Parking exit to operate correctly, your vehicle must be parked in a space where other vehicles or objects are either:

  • Parked in front of your vehicle.

  • Parked in front and behind your vehicle.


The Parking exit feature will only operate when your vehicle has been parallel parked. Parking exit will not manoeuvre your vehicle from a perpendicular parking space.


Do not perform a Parking exit manoeuvre until the message Drive forward with care is displayed in the Message centre.

For all 3 Park assist features, follow the instructions displayed in the Message centre until the parking or exiting manoeuvre has been completed.


Although the vehicle takes control during the parking or exiting manoeuvre, the driver must maintain full control of the accelerator and brake pedals throughout.


If the vehicle’s speed exceeds 6 km/h (3 mph) during the manoeuvre, Park assist will display a message “Overspeed (Reduce Speed)” until the vehicle's speed decreases to less than 6 km/h (3 mph). If the vehicle's speed exceeds 7 km/h (4 mph), Park assist will deactivate.

If a system fault is detected, a continuous tone will sound and a message will be displayed in the Message centre. Consult a Dealer/Authorised Repairer.