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Before activating the powered tow ball, make sure that:

  • Any trailer is unhitched.

  • Any trailer electrical connections are disconnected.

  • The vehicle is stationary.

  • The luggage compartment lid is open.

  • The vehicle's transmission is engaged in Park (P) or neutral.

Failure to comply with the above conditions will prevent the powered tow ball from operating. Also a short warning tone will sound if the powered tow ball button is pressed.


If the powered tow ball does not function correctly, refer to a Retailer/Authorised Repairer.

  1. Powered tow ball button: Press and release to deploy the powered tow ball. Press and release again to stow the powered tow ball.

    The LED indicator lamp, by the side of the button, will flash slowly while the powered tow ball is being deployed or stowed. An audible tone will also sound.

    Once deployed, the LED indicator lamp will stop flashing and will be solidly lit.

    Once stowed, the LED indicator lamp will stop flashing and will be solidly lit for 2 seconds and will then extinguish.

    To stop movement of the powered tow ball, press the tow ball button. To reset the tow ball, press the tow ball button again. During the reset operation, the powered tow ball will fully stow and then fully deploy.

    If, during the operation of the powered tow ball, an obstruction occurs, tow ball movement will stop. The LED indicator lamp will flash faster, accompanied by a 2 second warning tone. When the obstruction has been cleared, press the tow ball button to reset the tow ball.

    If the vehicle is driven with the tow ball neither fully deployed or fully stowed, a warning tone will sound for 10 seconds. Do not tow with the tow ball in this state.

    If the tow ball fails to stow in extreme low temperatures, then press and hold the tow ball button for 10 seconds to initiate the stowing operation.

    In the event of unexpected operation, press the tow ball button to reset the tow ball.


    Make sure the powered tow ball is fully deployed before connecting a trailer/caravan.

  2. Trailer lamp test button: Press to start a 3 minute sequence for both the vehicle and the trailer's lamp testing.

    For the test to operate, all of the vehicle's lamps should be switched off, the ignition should be switched off, and the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) applied.

    The vehicle's lamps and all of the trailer's lamps will operate at the same time so that a visual check can be made of all the lamps.

    The 3 minute sequence can be stopped, at any time, by pressing the trailer lamp test button again, by manually switching on the vehicle's lamps, or by switching on the ignition.


This test feature only allows an observer to check that the lamps are illuminating. The car does not perform any measurements during this test and faulty trailer lamps will not show any errors during this test.