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Do not exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), maximum rear axle weight, maximum trailer weight, or nose weight. Exceeding any of these limits could cause instability and a loss of control.


Do not loop the breakaway cable or safety chain over the tow ball, as it may slide off.

  • To maintain vehicle stability, the trailer's nose load should be set at approximately 7% of the caravan/trailer's gross weight (and a minimum of 4%).

  • When towing a trailer with more than one axle, the trailer should be loaded to achieve even weight distribution between axles.

  • When calculating the laden weight of the trailer, remember to include the weight of the trailer, plus the weight of the load.

  • If the load can be divided between the vehicle and trailer, loading more weight into the vehicle will generally improve stability. Do not exceed the vehicle's weight limits.

  • Increase the rear tyre pressures on the towing vehicle to those for maximum vehicle loading conditions.

  • Make sure that a suitable breakaway cable, safety chain, or secondary coupling is used. Refer to the trailer manufacturer's instructions for guidance.

  • Always connect the breakaway cable or safety chain to the provided connection point. Do not loop it over the tow ball.

  • Make sure that the tow ball is secure.

  • Check the operation of all the lamps on the trailer.