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Hitch guidance is a user selectable Touch screen feature that can aid the process of guiding the vehicle to a trailer's tow hitch. Use Hitch guidance while reversing the vehicle to a trailer hitch.

Proceed, as follows:

  1. Select reverse gear. Dependent on the vehicle's specification, the Touch screen will automatically display selectable icons or a menu list. See SISTEMA DE CÁMARAS PERIMÉTRICAS or see CÁMARA TRASERA.

  2. Touch the Rear camera system's Hitch assist icon, or for Surround camera's, tick Hitch guidance on the Touch screen to enable the guidance lines to be displayed.

  3. Reverse the vehicle towards the trailer.

  4. As the vehicle closes to within 600 mm (2 ft) of the trailer's tow hitch, an automated zoom feature is operated to enlarge the view.

  5. Continue the manoeuvre carefully until the vehicle and trailer are as close as required.