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Vehicles supplied with a 3.0L petrol engine, will not facilitate towing.

See PESOS, for details of the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), axle weights, and the load in the vehicle's luggage compartment.


The trailer's nose weight should also be considered when calculating the GVW.

Europe only: When towing, the maximum permissible GVW can be increased by a maximum of 100 kg (220 lb), provided that the road speed is limited to 100 km/h (62 mph) or less.


When calculating the rear axle loading, remember that the trailer's nose weight, the load in the vehicle's luggage compartment, the weight on a roof rack and the weight of the rear seat passengers must all be added together.

  Engine/transmission Variant kg
Unbraked trailers All variants 750 (1 653)
Braked trailer All variants with automatic transmission 1 800 (3 968)
Braked trailer All variants with manual transmission 1 600 (3 527)
Maximum trailer nose weight All variants 75 (165)
Gross Train Weight (GTW) 2.0L petrol with automatic transmission 3 920 (8 642)
2.0L diesel with automatic transmission 3 900 (8 598)
2.0L diesel with manual transmission 3 935 (8 675)

For every 1 000 metres increase above sea level, the GTW must be reduced by 10%.