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Remove the spare wheel before jacking the vehicle, to avoid destabilising the vehicle when raised.


Wheels are heavy and if handled incorrectly may cause injury. Use extreme caution when lifting, lowering, and manoeuvring the wheels.


Always secure the spare wheel, or the removed wheel, in the correct position, using the retaining bolt.


Do not stow the wheel while the vehicle is raised on the jack.


After wheel changing, always secure the tools, chock, jack, and the replaced wheel in their correct stowage positions. Such objects, if not properly stowed, can become flying missiles in a crash or rollover, potentially causing injury or death.

Always remove the spare wheel before jacking the vehicle. Remove the Luggage compartment floor panel:

  1. Continually rotate the spare wheel centre clamp plate counter-clockwise, to release.

  2. Continually rotate the top plate of centre bolt, counter-clockwise, to completely remove.

Reverse the whole procedure to refit.


Before removing the spare wheel, take note of its stowage position. The wheel to be changed must be correctly stowed and secured in its place.