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To set route guidance, select Where To? on the NAV MENU to view the following options:

  • Address: Touch to view the following options:

    Spell City.

    Enter Post Code.

    Enter Country.

  • Recent: Select to view a list of recent destinations; touch the required destination from the list.

  • Point of interest (POI): Select to view the POI list of locations and public places.

  • Favourites: Select to view a list favourite destinations.

  • Go Home: Select to enter the destination as a home address, or to select a preset home address destination.

  • Intersection: Select and enter the area required (City, Town, etc.) followed by 2 street names, to find an Intersection destination.

  • GEO Coordinate: Select to enter a known GEO Coordinate as a destination.

    A GEO Coordinate can be obtained from a handheld GPS receiver, a map, or the Navigation system.

  • Point on Map: Use to select a destination directly from the map screen. By selecting a street segment or icon, you can quickly enter a destination without the need to input the city name or street.

  • City Centre: Select to enter the name of a city. The Navigation system will calculate a route to the centre of the City entered.

  • Closest Cities: Select to view a list of the Closest cities.

  • Phone Number: Select and enter a known phone number as a destination.