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Touch the Settings icon on the NAV MENU screen, or on the map screen, to view the following options:

  • Speed limit warning.


    When the Speed limit warning feature is in operation, it will only register the official speed limit for the road; it will not register any temporary speed limits (e.g., speed limits for: road works, congestion, fog, etc.). Also, speed limits shown are only accurate up to the last map update.

  • Guidance. See AJUSTES - GUÍA.

  • POI list sorting.

  • GPS: Select to set the coordinate format.

  • Map Display Mode: Select to set Day, Night, or Automatic as an option.

  • Map View: Select 2D or 3D.

  • Orientation.

  • Current Street.

  • Auto Zoom.

  • Show POI Icons.

  • POI icon list (only available when Show POI Icons is selected).

  • TMC Incidents.

  • Speed and Flow.

  • 3D City Models.

  • 3D Landmarks.

  • Digital Terrain Model.

  • Park Areas.

  • Railroads.

  • City Areas.

  • River Names.

  • System Information.