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  1. Touch to select the NAV MENU.

  2. Touch to select the Route menu.

  3. Touch to set a selected destination.

  4. Touch to show information for a Point of Interest (POI), or for traffic information.

  5. Touch to reduce the map size.

  6. Drag the indicator along the scale to enlarge or reduce the map size, or touch the line for the position required.

  7. Touch to enlarge the map size.

  8. Touch to change between estimated time to destination and distance to destination.

  9. Next manoeuvre icon and the distance to the next manoeuvre. Touch to hear voice guidance for the next manoeuvre.

  10. Touch to view the General settings or Navigation menu. See AJUSTES.

  11. Indicates the vehicle's position on the set route.

  12. The route that has been set.