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Diesel vehicles equipped with a particle filter have more efficient emissions control. The particles in the exhaust gases are collected in the filter during normal driving.

When a DPF message is displayed, accompanied by an amber warning lamp, the filter requires a regeneration cycle to clean itself. This requires the engine to have reached normal operating temperature. Regeneration takes place automatically at an interval of approximately 300-900 km (190-560 miles), depending on driving conditions. Regeneration normally takes 10-20 minutes and is automatically requested by the engine control module if the vehicle is driven steadily at vehicle speeds between 60 km/h to 112 km/h (40 mph to 70 mph). It is possible that the regeneration process will occur at lower vehicle speeds, but the events may take a little longer at a 50 km/h (30 mph) average speed.


If regeneration is not successfully carried out, the amber warning lamp will eventually be replaced by a red warning lamp.

If a DPF message is displayed, accompanied by a red warning lamp, contact a Dealer/Authorised Repairer as soon as possible.