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Never Double lock the vehicle with people, children, or pets inside. In the event of an emergency, they would be unable to escape and the emergency services would be unable to release them quickly.

Press the external door handle keyless locking sensor, or the Smart key lock button, twice within 3 seconds to Double lock the vehicle and activate the Full alarm system. See FULL ALARM. The hazard warning lamps will flash twice to confirm and (if enabled) an audible lock warning will sound.


Do not place your fingers around the back of the door handle while touching the keyless locking sensor. Doing so will prevent the vehicle from locking.


The Audible Lock Warning can be enabled/disabled via the Vehicle Set-up menu. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.

Double locking secures the vehicle and prevents the doors and the luggage compartment being unlocked or opened from inside or outside of the vehicle. The vehicle can only be unlocked with the correct Smart key.

When the vehicle is Double locked, an open window or an open sunroof will (if enabled) cause the alarm sensors to activate the alarm system, due to the movement of air currents. Make sure that all of the windows and the sunroof are fully closed before Double locking the vehicle.


The Alarm Sensors can be enabled/disabled via the Vehicle Set-up menu.