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The Touch screen can be used to either preset activation times or to operate the system manually.

When the system is operating, the LED in the Climate control AUTO or A/C button will flash. AUTO indicates the engine or cabin are being heated. A/C indicates the cabin is being ventilated. The choice of operation is automatically determined by the system, depending on the external temperature.


The system will cease operation when the engine is started.

To set a Timed climate programme:

  1. Press the HOME MENU button.

  2. Touch the Timed Climate soft key. This soft key may be set on a personal shortcut or accessed via the Extra Features soft key. Select 7 day timer or single event, then select the timer soft key. If the 7 day timer is selected, then select the day for which you want to set a program. Alternatively, select All Week to select the same start time for every day.

  3. Touch the Timer 1 or Timer 2 icon. The timers can be toggled between on and off using the power soft key.

  4. Touch the up or down arrows to set the start time. Hours and minutes are adjusted separately.

  5. Touch OK. The screen will display the activation time. If required, set the time for the other timer using the same process.

  6. Once set, the timer events can be switched on or off, as required, in the Timed climate screen by selecting the 7 day timer or the single event soft key.


Set times should be programmed 20 minutes before the planned journey.


The time format, 12/24 hour clock, is determined by the time settings currently selected in the System settings menu. See MENÚ DEL CUADRO DE INSTRUMENTOS.


Timed climate will only operate once between engine starts. For example, a remote Timed climate request will not be performed if a programmed Timed climate event has already occurred.

A current heating cycle will be cancelled if the engine is started. Any programmed heating cycle may be cancelled by touching the relevant power soft key on the timer set up menu or the Power soft key on the Timed Climate information home menu.