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In some countries, the Radio Frequency (RF) transceiver is also known as the HomeLink® Universal Transceiver.

The RF transceiver is located in the rear-view mirror. It can be programmed to transmit the signals of up to 3 different hand held transmitters. These can be used to operate garage doors, entry gates, home lighting, security systems, or other RF operated remote devices.


Do not use the RF transceiver with any garage door opener that lacks the safety stop and reverse feature, as required by safety standards.


When programming the RF transceiver to a garage door opener or an entry gate, make sure that the area is clear of people and objects. This will prevent potential harm or damage, as the gate or garage door will activate during programming.


This device may suffer from interference, if operated in the vicinity of a mobile or fixed station transmitter. This interference is likely to affect the hand-held transmitter, as well as the RF transceiver.

For further information, see INFORMACIÓN Y ASISTENCIA.