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Diesel engine vehicles in some markets are equipped with a misfuelling protection device, incorporated into the fuel filler neck.

If the narrow filler nozzle fitted to pumps delivering unleaded petrol is fully inserted into the filler neck, the Diesel misfuelling protection device will activate.


The Diesel misfuelling protection device may not activate if the petrol nozzle is only partially inserted.


When the misfuelling protection device is activated, it may cause fuel to be discharged from the filler neck.


It is the driver’s responsibility to fill the vehicle with the correct fuel. The misfuelling protection device only reduces the risk of filling the vehicle with the incorrect fuel.


The filler spout on some fuel cans and older fuel pumps may trigger the misfuelling protection device.

When activated, the yellow misfuelling protection device will be visible inside the filler neck. It will prevent fuel flow into the tank. Before fuelling can continue, with the correct fuel, the misfuelling protection device must be reset.

The reset tool is stored in the vehicle's tool kit, located under the luggage compartment floor panel. Vehicles supplied with a spare wheel, see CAMBIO DE UNA RUEDA.

To reset the misfuelling protection device:

  1. Insert the reset tool with the teeth uppermost, as far as it will go into the filler neck.

  2. Locate the teeth, by pushing down on the top of the reset tool.

  3. With the top of the tool pressed down and the teeth engaged, slowly pull the tool out of the filler neck to reset the device.


Do not twist the device, once the teeth have engaged.


When reset, the yellow part of the misfuelling protection device should no longer be visible in the filler neck.

Replace the reset tool back into the vehicle's tool kit.