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Use only high quality diesel fuel according to EN590 or equivalent.


Jaguar vehicles are capable of running with up to a 7% blend of bio-diesel, in accordance with European Standard EN590. Jaguar Land Rover Limited does not recommend use of a higher blend of bio-diesel.

The quality and specification of diesel fuel varies significantly, depending on geographical location. Jaguar Land Rover strongly recommends the use of premium, or highest quality available, fuel.

High quality fuel promotes a longer life for the engine components. Lower grade fuel contains higher levels of sulphur, which is detrimental to engine components. If low quality fuel is used, light coloured smoke may be evident at the exhaust.

Prolonged use of additives is not recommended. Do not add paraffin or petrol to diesel fuels.


If you inadvertently fill the vehicle with petrol instead of diesel, do not attempt to start the engine. Contact a Dealer/ Authorised Repairer immediately.


Jaguar Land Rover Limited can accept no responsibility for any damage caused by running the vehicle with fuel other than those stipulated.