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Automatic relocking and re-arming is a feature which, if enabled, automatically relocks the vehicle and arms the anti-theft system.

If the vehicle is in a locked and armed state and the Smart key unlock button is pressed, but none of the doors or the luggage compartment are opened within 40 seconds, then the vehicle automatically relocks all of the doors and the luggage compartment, and re-arms the alarm system. This will also occur if the Smart key is detected and a door handle is grabbed to operate the keyless unlock sensor. See AVAIMETON AVAUSJÄRJESTELMÄ.


Automatic relocking and re-arming will only relock to a Single locked state. If the vehicle was previously Double locked, then the alarm sensors will also re-arm.

Automatic relocking and re-arming can be enabled/disabled by a Dealer/Authorised Repairer.