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Make sure that no children, pets, or obstructions are in any open aperture before operating Global closing.

Make sure that all of the doors are closed and securely latched, then press and hold the lock button on the Smart key for 3 seconds. Alternatively, press and hold the external door handle keyless locking sensor for 3 seconds. The vehicle will Single lock and the alarm system will be fully armed immediately. After 3 seconds, all of the windows and the sunroof will close.


Do not place your fingers around the back of the door handle while touching the keyless locking sensor. Doing so will prevent the vehicle from locking.


If the Smart key's lock button, or the external door handle's keyless locking sensor, is released before the windows and the sunroof have fully closed, then the windows and the sunroof will stop closing.


Windows Global Close can be enabled/disabled via the Vehicle Set-up menu. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.