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The Advanced emergency brake assist system may not react to slow moving vehicles and will not react to stationary vehicles or vehicles travelling in the opposite direction.


Warnings may not appear if the distance to the vehicle ahead is very small, or if steering wheel or pedal movements are large (e.g., to avoid a collision).


The system utilises the same radar sensor as ACC and Forward alert - the same limitations of performance apply.

When ACC is fitted, Advanced emergency brake assist is available at speeds above approximately 7 km/h (5 mph) and will function, even if Forward alert and ACC are switched off. It improves braking response during emergency braking, when a moving vehicle is detected close ahead.

If the risk of collision increases after the FORWARD ALERT warning is displayed, Advanced emergency brake assist is activated. The brakes are automatically applied gently, in preparation for rapid braking (this may be noticeable). If the brake pedal is then pressed quickly, full braking is implemented, even if only light pressure is applied to the pedal. See SISTEMA DE FRENADO DE EMERGENCIA (EBA).


Braking performance will only be improved if the driver applies the brakes.

If there is a fault with the system, FORWARD ALERT UNAVAILABLE is displayed in the Message centre. The vehicle can still be driven and the braking system will still operate, but without Advanced emergency brake assistance. Consult a Dealer/Authorised Repairer to have the fault rectified.