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Queue assist is an enhancement of the ACC system and, when active, will follow a vehicle ahead to a standstill. It is intended for use in lines of traffic on major roads, where minimal steering is required.

If a vehicle ahead slows to a halt, Queue assist will bring the vehicle to a stop and hold it stationary.

While the vehicle is held stationary, Queue assist will request the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) to apply if:

  • The driver cancels Queue assist.

  • The vehicle is stopped for more than 3 minutes.

  • Driver intention to exit the vehicle is detected.

  • A malfunction is detected.

As the vehicle ahead moves away, a brief press on the accelerator will resume ACC operation.

At very low speeds, Queue assist may stop for stationary objects, e.g., when the vehicle ahead changes lane to reveal a stationary object. The vehicle's radar cannot always distinguish between a stationary vehicle and a fixed object like a road sign, drain cover, or temporary barrier. This may cause unexpected braking or cancellation and the driver should intervene, if appropriate.