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When in Follow mode, the vehicle may not decelerate automatically to a stop, nor will the vehicle always decelerate quickly enough to avoid a collision.

Once a set speed has been selected, the driver can release the accelerator and the set road speed will be maintained.

If a vehicle ahead enters the same lane or a slower vehicle is ahead in the same lane, this vehicle's speed will adjust automatically until the gap to the vehicle ahead corresponds to the gap setting. The vehicle is now in follow mode.

The Follow mode warning lamp will illuminate to confirm Follow mode is operational. See MODO SEGUIMIENTO (ÁMBAR).

The Message centre will display the gap set in the form of a vehicle with a varying number of bars in front of it.

The vehicle will then maintain the constant time gap to the vehicle ahead until:

  • The vehicle ahead accelerates to a speed above the set speed.

  • The vehicle ahead moves out of lane or out of view.

  • A new gap setting is chosen.

If necessary, the vehicle's brakes will be automatically applied, slowing the vehicle and maintaining the gap to the vehicle in front.

The maximum braking which is applied by ACC is limited and can be overridden by the driver applying the brakes, if required.


Driver braking will cancel ACC.

If ACC predicts that its maximum braking level will not be sufficient, then an audible warning will sound while ACC continues to brake. DRIVER INTERVENE will be displayed in the Message centre. Take immediate action.

When in Follow mode, the vehicle will automatically return to the set speed when the road ahead is clear, for instance when:

  • The vehicle ahead accelerates to a speed above the set speed, or changes lane.

  • You change lane to either side or enter an exit lane.

The driver should intervene, if appropriate.

If a direction indicator is used, ACC will reduce the gap to the vehicle ahead so as to respond more quickly to the anticipated manoeuvre. If a manoeuvre is not actioned, the previous gap will be restored after a few seconds. Enhanced response may not occur if ACC detects that it is inappropriate, i.e., you are already too close to the vehicle ahead or you are already in another lane.

Follow Mode Off:

Follow mode can be disabled by pressing and holding the gap decrease button on the steering wheel, until the Follow mode off icon is displayed in the Message centre. See USO DEL CONTROL DE CRUCERO ADAPTATIVO. The follow mode warning lamp in the Instrument panel will extinguish.


Follow mode on is the default setting for ACC, hence Follow mode off will be automatically cancelled if ACC is not used for a prolonged period of time and when the ignition is switched off.

To switch Follow mode back on, briefly press either of the Follow mode gap, increase/decrease buttons. The previous gap settings will resume and the Follow mode (amber) warning lamp will illuminate in the Instrument panel.