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Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See COLLISION AVOIDANCE SAFETY.


The driver is responsible for detecting obstacles, and estimating the vehicle's distance from them, when maneuvring the vehicle. Failure to drive with due care and attention could cause an accident, leading to serious injury or death.


The rear camera and bumper must be kept clean and free from debris or obstructions, e.g., ice, frost, snow, leaves, mud, or insects. Failure to keep the rear camera and bumper clear may result in miscalculations, or false indications. Miscalculations and false indications could cause an accident, leading to serious injury or death.


The quality of the camera views may vary in different lighting conditions.

  1. Vehicle warning icon.

  2. Parking aid plan view icon.

  3. Camera icon.

  4. Feature disabled icon.

The rear traffic monitor feature assists the driver when carrying out a reversing manoeuvre.

The rear traffic monitor feature automatically activates when all the following conditions exist:

  • The touchscreen is displaying either the CAMERA or PARKING AIDS screen.

  • Reverse gear is selected.

  • The vehicle is traveling at speeds of less than 10 mph (16 km/h).

To switch from the CAMERA view to the PARKING AIDS view, touch the parking aid plan view icon (2). To switch from the PARKING AIDS view to the CAMERA view, touch the camera icon (3).

The rear traffic monitor feature detects cross traffic vehicles traveling at speeds of up to 34 mph (55 km/h). If activated, the touchscreen displays a warning icon (1) on the relevant side(s) of the screen. The warning icon informs the driver the vehicle is about to reverse into the path of a moving vehicle. An audible warning also sounds.

The touchscreen or instrument panel may also display warning messages.

If required, the rear traffic monitor feature can be disabled via the Driver assistance instrument panel menu. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.

The touchscreen displays the feature disabled icon (4) if the feature is not available, or a fault is detected. The instrument panel may also display messages.


If a fault in a single sensor is detected, the entire rear traffic monitor feature is disabled.

If a fault is not rectified when the vehicle is switched off and then on again, consult a retailer/authorized repairer.