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With the vehicle creep feature switched on, the vehicle automatically moves from a standstill when the brake pedal is released, with D (Drive) or R (Reverse) selected. See VEHICLE CREEP.

With the vehicle creep feature switched off, the vehicle does not automatically move from a standstill with D or R selected. The accelerator pedal must be pressed to move the vehicle.

Selecting the high regenerative braking setting and switching off the vehicle creep feature can reduce the frequent alternating operation between the brake and accelerator pedals. See REGENERATIVE BRAKING.

The vehicle creep feature can be switched on or off, as follows:

  1. With the vehicle stationary, select P (Park).

  2. Touch the EV set-up icon from the MY EV screen to display the vehicle creep settings. See MY ELECTRIC VEHICLE (EV).

  3. Select the required Off or On soft key from the Vehicle creep menu options.

The selected status is retained even after the vehicle's electrical system is switched off and on again.

A shortcut widget for vehicle creep can be configured to be displayed on the customizable home page. See EDITING SHORTCUTS, WIDGETS AND SCREENS.