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When driving the vehicle, if vibrations, abnormal steering, or noises are experienced, reduce speed immediately. Drive with extreme caution, at reduced speed, to the first safe place to stop the vehicle. Visually examine the tire and check its pressure. If there are any signs of damage or deformity to the tire, or the tire pressure is below 19 psi (1.3 bar, 130 kPa), do not continue driving. Doing so could lead to serious injury or death.


Consult a tire repair center as soon as possible, for advice concerning the replacement of a tire after using the tire repair system. Alternatively, consult a retailer/authorized repairer. Failure to do so could lead to serious injury or death.

Only sealant bottles which are completely empty should be disposed of with normal household waste. Sealant bottles and the tire inflation hose, which contain some sealant, should be disposed of by a tire specialist or a retailer/authorized repairer. In addition, they should be disposed of in compliance with local waste disposal regulations.