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Make sure the relevant safety warnings and cautions have been read and understood before operating the parking features. See PARKING FEATURES SAFETY.

For assistance when parking:

For park assist to search effectively for a space, the park assist system must maintain a distance of 1.6 ft to 4.9 ft (0.5 m to 1.5 m). The distance of 1.6 ft to 4.9 ft (0.5 m to 1.5 m) is between the vehicle and the row of parked vehicles or obstacles.

As the vehicle is driven forward, the size of a potential parking space is assessed.

The park assist auto-searching feature becomes active when the vehicle's speed is less than 18 mph (30 km/h).


When park assist auto-searching is active, the instrument panel menu displays a park assist auto-search icon¹.

When park assist is selected and parallel parking/perpendicular parking is active, a space may already have been detected by the auto-searching feature. The park assist main screen (4) displays the detected parking spaces blue. An instruction message is also displayed. See SELECTING PARK ASSIST.

When a pre-selected parking space is found, a short confirmation tone is given.


The park assist main screen displays any detected parking spaces that are too small or non-maneuverable grey.

If more than one valid space is displayed in the park assist main screen, touch the preferred parking space to change from the pre-selected parking space.

The park assist system may determine that other vehicles are too close, on either side, to perform a parking maneuver. A detected space can be rejected, even if it is large enough for the vehicle. The driver retains the option to switch park assist off and attempt the maneuver manually.

Park assist auto-search icon.¹

The purpose of the park assist auto-search icon¹ is to provide information to the driver that valid parking spaces are being searched for. In order to use park assist, the feature must still be activated via the touchscreen. See SELECTING PARK ASSIST.

The park assist auto-search icon¹ only displays in the instrument panel when the vehicle is driven under 30 km/h (18 mph) and the park assist system is searching for spaces.

The following images display the different states of the icon in the instrument panel:

No valid parking slots.

Valid parking space on the right.

Valid parking space on the left.

Valid parking spaces on both sides.

For assistance when exiting a parallel parking space:

Select the parking exit icon. See SELECTING PARK ASSIST.

When the vehicle is parallel parked, the park assist system automatically determines the most appropriate side for a parking exit maneuver. Using the turn signals, the driver can override the pre-selected side for a parking exit maneuver. The operated turn signals notify the park assist system of which side the driver intends to leave the parking space.

For the parking exit mode to operate correctly, the vehicle must be parked in a space where other vehicles or objects are either:

  • Parked in front of the vehicle.

  • Parked in front and behind the vehicle.


Sufficient space is required in front and behind the vehicle for parking exit mode to operate correctly.

All park assist features:

During any park assist maneuver, the parking aid system remains active.

For all park assist modes, follow the instructions on the main screen (4) or side panel (5), until the maneuver is complete. See SELECTING PARK ASSIST.

A park assist maneuver cancels if:

  • The park assist icon is touched. See SELECTING PARK ASSIST.

  • The Cancel soft key (7) is selected. See SELECTING PARK ASSIST.

  • The parking aid system’s warning tone sounds for longer than 10 seconds.

  • The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is operated.

  • A parallel parking maneuver has exceeded the maximum of 9 shuffles.

  • A perpendicular parking maneuver has exceeded the maximum of 7 shuffles.

  • The park assist instructions are not followed.

  • Park (P) is selected for more than 10 minutes.

  • The vehicle's speed exceeds 4 mph (7 km/h).

If a system fault is detected, a continuous tone sounds and the instrument panel displays a warning message. If all of the sensors are clean and the fault is not rectified after the vehicle's electrical system is restarted, contact a retailer/authorized repairer.