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Make sure the relevant safety warnings and cautions have been read and understood before operating the navigation system. See NAVIGATION SAFETY .

Touch the view options icon on the map to view the VIEW OPTIONS screen. See USING THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM.

The navigation map and guidance views can be adjusted as follows:

  • 2D: Flat two-dimensional view.

  • 3D: Three-dimensional perspective view.

  • North facing: Map view displays in a two-dimensional view.

  • Satellite view: Bird's-eye view of the vehicle surroundings.


    Satellite view requires an internet connection.

  • Traffic: Displays any traffic delays on a selected route.


    Traffic view requires an internet connection.

  • Maneuvers: Displays a detailed view of the next intersection or turn.

  • Full route: Displays a full route.

  • Compass: Displays a digital compass, with the vehicle's heading displayed in degrees.

  • Route remaining: View of the remaining route.

  • Range Indicator: Displays a map with a driving range overview.