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Make sure the relevant safety warnings and cautions have been read and understood before operating the navigation system. See NAVIGATION SAFETY .

When displayed, touch the navigation menu icon to access the NAVIGATION MENU.


Some of the options listed are only available when a route has been selected.

  1. One box search: Provides a choice of options to search for an address, destination, or a Point Of Interest (POI). See ONE BOX SEARCH .

  2. Search: Type the required text into the search box. See SEARCH.

  3. Places: Select from the Point Of Interest (POI) categories listed. See PLACES.

  4. Your Destinations: Displays saved locations, e.g., home address, saved locations, most recent destinations, and stored favorites. See FAVORITES .


    When signed in to an InControl navigation account, destinations can be automatically synchronized. Destinations are synchronized between the vehicle, the internet, and the Route Planner smartphone app. See NAVIGATION PROFILE , INCONTROL NAVIGATION ACCOUNT , and PLANNING ROUTES AND DOOR TO DOOR ROUTING .

  5. Address entry icon: Touch to enter a full detailed address. See ADDRESS ENTRY.

  6. Mute: Touch to mute the navigation system's voice guidance.

  7. Stop Guidance: Cancels the current route guidance, if a route is selected.

  8. Edit: Touch to edit the current route. See EDIT ROUTE.