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Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See MEDIA SAFETY.

Duplicated icons and source features can be operated from the lower touchscreen when the media controls widget is displayed. Further information on the lower touchscreen can be found in the relevant section of the Owner's Handbook. See LOWER TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLS.

From the HOME menu screen, select the Media soft key. See TOUCHSCREEN HOME MENU.

  1. Media source: Touch to select the media source.

  2. Side panel: Displays the last used feature.

  3. Media icon: Touch to select the media system. If the media system is already switched on, touch to select the media source.

  4. Settings icon: Select Audio Settings or specific media settings, via the SETTINGS pop-up menu. See AUDIO SETTINGS.

  5. Return icon: Touch to return to a higher menu level.

  6. Power and volume control:

    Press to switch the media system on or off.


    The media system operates with the vehicle's electrical system on or off, but always switches off when the electrical system is switched off. Switch the system on again, if required.

    Rotate to adjust the volume level. The touchscreen displays the volume level.


    If the volume is turned to zero while a media source is playing, the media pauses play. Play resumes when a greater volume is selected.