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Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before operating the InControl features. See INCONTROL SAFETY .

In order to use InControl Apps, first download the InControl Apps launcher to a smartphone. See DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING SMARTPHONE APPS .


InControl Apps do not work if the smartphone screen is locked.

To open InControl Apps on the touchscreen, select the EXTRA FEATURES menu. Select the InControl Apps option to open the launcher. See EXTRA FEATURES.

Some apps require a Bluetooth® wireless technology connection. Make sure that the smartphone is paired via the Bluetooth® device connection. See PAIRING AND CONNECTING USING THE PHONE.

The InControl Apps launcher screen displays apps installed on the user’s smartphone at the top of the screen. The vehicle’s touchscreen replicates the InControl Apps screen. To adjust the order of the apps, touch the app's icon on the vehicle’s touchscreen and drag it to the required position.

Available InControl Apps that are not installed on the user's smartphone are displayed on the touchscreen in the More apps section. Scroll down to see the full list. Tap the required app and install. The new app is displayed at the top of the screen, once installed.

The Options menu, within the InControl Apps launcher, allows the user to access the following:

  • News about the latest app releases.

  • The settings menu: Editing of keyboard and permissions.

  • Information such as Legal, Data privacy, and FAQs.

  • A Quick Start Guide (QSG).

To view an app on the vehicle's touchscreen, connect the smartphone via the USB cable to the vehicle's USB socket. The socket is located in the center console's storage box. See AUXILIARY POWER SOCKETS.