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InControl features, such as the InControl Remote smartphone app and Live Apps require an InControl account.

Some InControl features are subscription services. The subscription for these features can be extended after the initial term has expired. For further information, please contact the retailer/authorized repairer.

An InControl account may have been registered by the retailer/authorized repairer. Please click on the link from the InControl email sent by the retailer/authorized repairer which takes the user to the InControl website and follow the on-screen instructions.

If no activation email has been received, please check the email spam folder. Alternatively, contact the retailer/authorized repairer.

To register, connect, and activate an InControl account, please refer to the My Jaguar InControl website at: https://incontrol.jaguar.com. Follow the on-screen instructions.


When an InControl account is set up, the user of the account creates a PIN. The PIN is required for certain InControl features.


The owner is responsible for removing the vehicle from the InControl account when ownership of the vehicle is transferred.

For further information, please refer to the InControl section on the Jaguar website at: www.jaguar.com/incontrol.