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Do not operate the touchscreen controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Doing so may potentially lead to an accident, resulting in serious injury or death.

To display the RANGE IMPACT menu screen, touch the Range impact soft key on the DRIVING STYLE menu screen. See DRIVING STYLE.

The displayed information consists of:

  1. Driving range icon. Displays the predicted driving range that the vehicle can travel with its current charge level. See ELECTRIC VEHICLE RANGE PREDICTION.

  2. A status display for the vehicle features that are currently active. The color and size that represent each feature indicates its current level of energy consumption.


    The availability of particular features, and the amount of features displayed, is dependent on the market and the specification of the vehicle.

  3. Potential icon: The predicted driving range can potentially increase by this amount if some vehicle features are switched off.

  4. Tips soft key: Touch to display pop-up screens with tips to improve the driving style and the driving range.

The RANGE IMPACT menu screen also displays confirmation text if the low power mode is enabled. See LOW POWER MODE.