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Make sure to read and fully understand the relevant warnings before using any of the features in this section. See CHILD SEAT SAFETY.


Always follow the instructions that accompany the child seat carefully.


Always pass the tether strap over the seatback and underneath the head restraint when fitting a child restraint.


Always move the armrest to the stored position in the seat backrest before a child restraint is fitted to the center rear seat.


The center seat upper tether anchor is not for use with LATCH tethers.

The vehicle is equipped with anchorage points on the back of the seat frames as shown. The anchorage points should be used to attach straps from child seats or restraints systems.

To fit a tether strap:

  1. Fit the child restraint securely in one of the rear seating positions.

  2. Pass the tether strap over the seatback and beneath the head restraint for the outer seat positions.


    For the center seat position, pass the tether strap over the fixed head restraint.

  3. Attach the tether strap hook to the tether anchor point on the back of the seat. Make sure that the tether strap hook is facing toward the back of the seat.

  4. Tighten the tether strap, according to the child restraint manufacturer’s instructions.